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For some time now, we have seen an increase in the importance of content for SEO blogs. Internet users want to find relevant information, and SEO specialists strive to ensure that responses are consistent and visible. Search Marketing Experts specializes in creative blog writing for your blog posts, and SEO specialists place content creation at the top of their search engine optimization program.

It's one thing to randomly put a few words together and call it a blog post, and it's another to create content with real SEO value that your target audience will well receive, and that is what we at Search Marketing Experts intend to do.

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Search Marketing Experts provide you the desired blog writing content in a few steps. You just need to select your needs, provide instructions, the text section and view the price directly. Validate your order so that it is distributed to editors who correspond to your selection criteria

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Compare the packages and select the ones that suit you. Once the order has been published, you will receive a form to fill as a reference for our professional writers. Our editors have very varied profiles (journalist, professor or even SEO expert) to meet all your needs. It's up to you to choose those that meet your criteria or contact our team for help in choosing the editors.

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Check the blog writing services we provide and request free revisions and adjustments if necessary.

The written texts are automatically tested by plagiarism detector software, and you receive the anti-plagiarism report. If the texts do not correspond to your instructions, you can request unlimited revisions,and we can provide you content from different experienced writers in our team.

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Each of your orders is subject to special treatment. Our advisers ensure the smooth running of all your orders, from editors' choice to the final delivery of the corrections.

We provide you with the following:

  • 1. High volume writing
  • 2. Professional writers
  • 3. Markt Competitive prices
  • 4. Quick delivery

High Traffic Content

If you wish that your blog content receives a lot of search traffic, you can confide in the expertise of Search Marketing Experts. We make sure that the main part of blog writing, i.e., the meta description, is perfectly optimized. It is possible to receive even more traffic, especially if you add more descriptions

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Do not hesitate to contact our advisers to help you and accompany you in implementing your first correction order or studying your specific requests.

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    Bronze (300 words)

  • $95
  • $9.5 / Per Blog
  • 10 Custom Blog Posts
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    Silver (800-1000 words)

  • $560
  • $28 / Per Blog
  • 20 Custom Blog Posts
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    Gold (1100-1300 words)

  • $1750
  • $35 / Per Blog
  • 50 Custom Blog Posts
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    Platinum (1500 words)

  • $4000
  • $40 / Per Blog
  • 100 Custom Blog Posts
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