LASER CALICase Studies

Business Background

Laser One has been working on printers since 1995. They repair everything from laser printers to multifunctional printers and faxes. In addition to repair services, Laser One offers remanufactured toner cartridges and refurbished printers.

Market Competition

Competitors include numerous strong sites like,, and others with many years of SEO and a wide range of inbound links.

Project Goal

Laser One wanted to Capture the US market so they got in touch with Branded Logo Designs for their web strategy and a full-spectrum SEO campaign. The client’s goal was to get on top for the major keywords like

  • laser printer repair
  • hp printer repair sacramento ca
  • printer repair sacramento ca
  • printer repair roseville ca
  • laser printer services in sacramento ca

Task & Challenges

  • Keyword research for effective internet marketing
  • Content marketing to attract potential customers
  • Make the webpage SEO friendly to get crawled frequently
  • Optimize the targeted keywords in major Search engines
  • Achieve rankings for keywords that users search with online
  • Increase the ROI of their business

The Results

After a Year of web promotion and SEO Strategy, the client reported the following results as per their campaign. These are significant numbers of additional inbound leads and keywords rankings.









Organic Search




Search Marketing Experts


Search Marketing Experts


Search Marketing Experts


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