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We Developed Strategies That Made Gym Attire More Appealing

Worked with FunkfitCo to market active attire through social media platforms. We strategized an awareness campaign and then an inquiry campaign to reach the most potential audience, keeping their demographics in mind.

The Challenge

Based in California, USA, FunkFitCo was competing in a market full of competition. With our appealing designs and catchy captions, FunkFitCo prevails in the online market.

The Solution

To strengthen the connection between the audience and active attire, Search Marketing Experts deploy its social media experts and create channel effectiveness. In turn, we developed a robust social media strategy based on overall business goals for the Online Store, all while tailoring the strategy to FunkFitCo key products and target audiences.

The Results

We have seen a tremendous increase in Likes and engagement in our social media campaigns. Search Marketing Experts now spearheads the development and management of FunkFitCo’s social media strategies with measurable and highly-targeted precision. After creating brand awareness, we were mainly focused on getting fitness freaks on board. We broke down multiple steps to connect FunkFitCo with its potential customers and help FunkFitCo to grow online.



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Engagement Growth



Reach Growth

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Rank Higher on Google SEO Experts’ off-page strategies can help a brand break the clutter

The key variables of an SEO marketing strategy that have an impact on the optimization of a website and its performance in the digital world are keywords, incoming links, and the overall external appearance/visuals. A brand is destined to achieve success in terms of online presence and visibility with a strong SEO marketing campaign.

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