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Silicon Valley is filled with big players offering unique tech-based products and services to not just the USA but to the whole world. Many tech companies offer a range of products. However, hardly any other tech company has the kind of product line offered by tech titan Google. It offers a whole productivity suite featuring an email service like Gmail, a word processor like Docs, and a spreadsheet application like Sheets as one of its primary offerings. Other major offerings include translating software as well as a photo backup and editing application called Google Photos. 

Photos was launched in 2015 to enable users to store their images and videos onto the cloud storage offered by Google. The application comes as pre-installed in some installations of its Android operating system across devices globally. Just like any other of its tools and services, Google also regularly updates Photos to make it more robust and seamless for the user. Throughout the years, some updates have been shared albums multiple users can add to, location tagging photos and videos for further categorizing, and machine learning algorithms for taking better photos.

The most recent update is maybe the most unique one to ever come through for Google Photos. Now users will be able to add a 3D effect to their regular 2D photos through Photos and make their photos much more appealing. While this effect could only be achieved by a special camera a few years ago, now it is available to a wide variety of modern smartphones. Adding such an effect requires adding depth to the photo by figuring out the objects and their respective distance from the camera and the background.

This update could be the first in a long line of upcoming updates that truly innovate our photography experience. Gone are the days when one needed a heft kit with a long lens to cover more detail and sharpness for a realistic picture. Now that is becoming possible with regular smartphone cameras and smart processing algorithms like that offered by Photos.         

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