Email Marketing and SEO are two elements that can perfectly work together and with many benefits for your brand. Certainly, a search engine cannot index the keywords you include in an email campaign or will appreciate how big the foundation of your newsletter is, but such newsletters do have a powerful effect on your brand positioning.

The symbiosis between Email Marketing and SEO is closer than many think. That content sent to email accomplishes at least two things:

1.    More engaged users result from higher traffic on your page and a greater willingness to comment and click on your posts. In this sense, the results of a study of user behavior made public by Neil Patel are interesting, where it shows that 41% of visitors from email are more likely to write comments on their blog.

2.    You increase the authority of your site if you leave quality links. That can be achieved when you use that newsletter sent to the user email to link to your posts.

Having a clear picture of the relationship between SEO and Email Marketing, let’s see effective ways to integrate them.

Publish newsletters on blog

The information must be interesting and of quality that captures the reader. The appeal must not die in the inbox. We have already mentioned that an email marketing campaign does not translate into direct benefits for your SEO positioning.

Make summaries of the best content of the week

Do you want to attract more users to your blog? Summaries or compendia work quite well because you have to use a few words, and they must be attractive and catchy. All you have to do is a compilation of articles with a similar theme.

The first email subject lines are important and the ones that grab the reader. As a warning, the summary is not for a simple promotion. Any reader will not bother to open your email. One suggestion is to catch the reader is to develop an interesting idea and see how they will go to your blog. The rest is to appeal to common sense – try different methods to redirect people to your site.

Add newsletter archive

Adding a neat archive of all the newsletters on your website will allow the content to be ranked by search engines. In this sense, you have to pay special attention to the headlines and add keywords. The result is that the user will be more likely to subscribe to your newsletter.

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