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In 2020, more than 68 million people listened to a podcast every week. Your podcast can attract more subscribers. You will have to implement a few SEO techniques with professional assistance like SEO services in Texas. It will improve your results, performance by building viewers interests.  

What makes your podcast engaging and attractive? Let’s consider these SEO tactics. 

Understand the audience persona for a podcast

All your efforts and the purpose of the podcast won’t have meaning without a targeted audience. They will never listen to you when you don’t consider their requirements and wishes while recording a podcast. According to the experts of SEO services in Texas, as number of listeners increase, the number of podcasts online also increases. 

You have only speakers to talk to rather than having direct contact with them. It is the point where you will have to increase your knowledge of user persona. For this, you will collect some useful insights about the requirements and demands of your targeted audience. With this data, preparing suitable and attractive content will be easier than before. Proper use of keywords will let you reach them fast. With high-quality content, you can attract lots of podcast listeners. 

Select the relevant platform

Website’s loading speed matters a lot in getting advanced raking in the search engine result pages (SERPs). You will have to create your website with smooth navigation and high-quality content. It doesn’t only increase your website traffic but also advances your visibility on different online platforms. Similarly, you will have to podcast your episodes on your own website as a podcaster. 

Along with this, you must also create engaging pages for episodes by using effective on-site SEO techniques. But most SEO executives forget to consider the loading speed factor. Due to this, they can’t increase the rate of subscription for their podcasts. That’s why experts of SEO services in Texas suggest you choose the podcast platform that provides you fast loading speed. If you are creating your own, accelerating the loading should be one of the top priorities. 


Getting maximum podcast subscribers is a daunting task. You will have to create an effective and SEO-based strategy. Along with this, you should also keep these tips mentioned above for the best practice implementation. You can also contact SEO services in Texas for unique ideas. 

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