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“Trust” is the core foundation of any business, leading it to thrive on a higher note. It’s one of the main reasons for numerous consumers on the internet. They shop online because they believe in the authenticity of Google search results and the quality of products. That’s why Google doesn’t compromise when it comes to providing the best experience to its clients. It crawls all active websites on the platforms, checks their performances, usability, user satisfaction density, and much more. Then, it releases a monthly Google core update. Sometimes, it penalizes the website or boosts site performance to offer reliable search engine page results (SERPs).

This time, the largest search engine is rolling out the product review update for December 2021. According to Google, this report will take three weeks to roll out completely.

What’s needed to understand?

Online consumers don’t trust eCommerce stores unless they read honest product reviews. According to recent research, 95% of the consumers never return after getting a bad online shopping experience from the business website. That’s why Google has to release monthly core product review updates to offer online purchasers the best shopping experience. However, it’s a common myth that Google releases its algorithm updates to punish websites only. Hence, user satisfaction and the eligibility of all active sites are the core aim of Google’s monthly updates.

People need to know your product quality, its pros and cons, and users' feedback for the right purchasing decision. Google has designed this report for better product reviews. It considers the product review content based on in-depth research rather than poor-quality content that only summarizes the bunch of products. According to Google, product reviews must be written based on insightful analysis and original research. It will make online shopping reliable for the consumers and help eCommerce store owners to improve their product marketing activities. Google rewards those content experienced content writers write. 

Google December 2021 product review update – What’s new rolling out? 

Google product review update for December 2021 is released to improve online businesses. It means online business owners will have to make positive changes in the product review content. Google search company found the most trustworthy and helpful product reviews and related content that motivate us to give the best product review guidance. It won’t only improve your business marketing activity’s performance but also build the consumer’s trust. After all, online shoppers consider those eCommerce websites that offer products with honest feedback from their prior users. It is your compulsion to fulfill these demands as a business owner because they have other bestselling options. 

What does Google advise?

The purpose of releasing the Google December 2021 product review update is to encourage businesses to provide the best product experience to their targeted consumers. Google advises through this report that companies should provide their product links to different sellers and share visual content of their product as evidence of the product’s reliability. Here are some suggestions that online business owners need to consider for considering product review content. 

It must give complete information about the product and its usability, including effects and side effects. 

It must indicate why consumers should choose your product over the bestselling products.

It must explain the product qualities and ingredients. Potential consumers will also wish to know that your product is suitable for their health. 

Like online businesses, Google is also a significant player in the competition to surpass its competitors (Bing, Yahoo, etc.). Its success depends on the performance of the websites and its user’s satisfaction from the online business owner’s work. Google releases monthly product review updates to improve its marketing efforts and increase the number of leads. This report explains what the audience wants and how website owners or eCommerce store owners can improve. These Google updates also assist in preventing an online business from declining. All digital marketers need to take monthly Google reports seriously. 

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