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Google Doodles have been a creative tradition maintained by the search engine giant since the early days of its operations. The tech titan releases creative illustrations relevant to the particular date or event and drawn around its own main logo. These Doodles have been an integral part of the internet’s culture and routinely become the talk of the town on release. Google also maintains an archive of all the ones it has posted until now for users to see and get inspiration.

Interestingly, these Doodles have not always been static illustrations. Throughout the years, they have been developed to become more dynamic and interactive with the user. While the early Doodles were simple and colorful illustrations, more recent ones have been animations and games. This makes Doodles something the users of the internet look forward to viewing. It is always fun to see what new creative feat Google will pull off with each new Doodle. 

The recent most addition to the Google Doodle family was released on Monday and celebrated two different events. It celebrated the arrival of the winter solstice on Earth while also paying homage to pretty rare events occurring up in the heavens as well. The aligning of the planets Saturn and Jupiter, occurring once every eight hundred years, was a big part of this Monday’s Doodle. It featured a Christmas cap-wearing Earth looking on as the two planets align for a moment and share a friendly high-five.

Creative expressions like the Google Doodle are fun little titbits followed by the internet family regularly. It is hoped that these Doodles grow more dynamic and colorful in the coming years and keep inspiring us with their creativity.   

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