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Google’s announcement of Google Workspace, the update to its business-focused productivity software collection G suite, was filled with introductions to new and robust features. The most prominent of these features was undoubtedly the integration of all the major tools on their popular email service, Gmail. But shining new functionalities was not the only news Google had to unveil. It also used the opportunity to redesign the icons of most of its software and tools, with Docs and Sheets seeing the latest changes.

While not remarkably different than their previous ones, the new designs feature an icon of a page on a white background.  In the case of Sheets, we have an icon representing the cells of a spreadsheet, while there are three simple lines for the word processor utility Docs. The famous drop shadow from the past designs is also absent, and both icons give a strong feeling of belonging to the same collection. However, this new design could easily lead to people mistakenly opening the wrong one due to almost identical design elements. This was avoidable in the previous design when both icons were radically different looking.

This redesign points to a shakeup in the user experience and design of the software featured in Workspace as well. With the advent of remote working as a sudden possible necessity, Google seems to aim towards bringing a more fluid and easy collaborative experience with these revamps.

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