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SEO can do wonders for a website. It has the potential to bring a website from obscurity to popularity if done effectively and given time. In internet language, this means pulling a website from the bottom pages of search engine result pages to the top ranks. No wonder there are so many SEO agencies out there offering optimization consultation services, and almost all modern online businesses are investing in them.


But it's not all honey and sugar in the world of SEO. It also can cause major damage to a website's search results ranking and online credibility. The walk between effective and harmful SEO can be a very thin one to walk. While search marketers can walk this line professionally given years of experience, there are also many tools to judge good SEO from the bad. One of them is provided by the world's most popular search engine itself: Google's Disavow Tool.


Having introduced the recently updated Search Console, Google has also completed shifting its Disavow Tool to the Console. The average user may not know about this tool, but search engine marketers use (and misuse) it all the time. It is used to tell Google to avoid spammy links to a website because they may cause Google to devalue it. Links that it may have been forgotten and which do not work anymore.


This tool first came after Google's search engine algorithm received its Penguin update, penalizing the spammy links. The SEO community suffered loss of traffic and sales and requested for a tool that is now called Disavow Tool.


The new Disavow tool has received many updates, such as a better user interface and error reports of more than ten errors. It also sports a new support page as well for easier customer request handling and support.

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