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Backlinks are essential for search engine optimization (SEO). They link your website to other sites, giving a message to the search engine algorithms that your page is ranking-worthy.

You can never have too many backlinks. While it is great for SEO, ethical link acquisition with high-quality sites requires persistence and creativity. You can use some shortcuts to build your links faster, but be careful – some methods may result in your site getting banned. So, what actually works? Here are five easy steps to build quality links:

1.      Request Them

Surprisingly, just asking others for links can be useful. Don’t bore them with the textbook answer, “I need it.” Find out what the person is looking for and design your strategy accordingly so that your request doesn’t get deleted or ignored.

 2.      Tit for Tat

Offer something in return that the person needs, such as reviews, testimonials, guest posts, or more.

 3.      Build Your Network

Link up with international, national, and local organizations to access relevant links that you can use—some ways to do this include connecting with industry-specific organizations, best-of site, and business practice certifications.

 4.      Engage Your Audience

Get more visitors to your website through compelling content and intelligent use of social media. Share things like how-to videos, top 10 lists, blog posts, industry insights, and webinars to attract visitors to your website.

 5.      Nurture Relationships

Having digital relationships will help you succeed with your requests for links, so make friends who can share, mention, or link to your content.

 Use these steps to build more links to your site so that it can rank higher in organic search. 

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