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iOS user now has an option to choose whether they want their data to be seen by Facebook or not. The iOS 14 update doesn't allow its users' data to be used by third-party apps, and Facebook says this will negatively impact the small business.

This stance of Facebook is quite unauthentic and unethical. It's not justified if you are looking into someone's privacy just to give benefits to some small or big businesses. Yes, it's good to help someone, but getting help throw private data without consent is not justified. Therefore, Facebook and all other third-party apps will require full permission of the user to get the data. iSO always keeps its users at the topmost priority, so millions of iSO users will now be having an option that highly matters, and this option will give them the liberty to change the setting anytime.

Users' data is the primary source of revenue for social media portals. However, Facebook stated that they would be showing a notification that will tell the iSO 14 updated users about the good things of data stalking. 

The iOS users will now be provided with a notification in privacy alerts that will allow them to choose the best for them and what they require as a privacy measure.

Facebook's stance is that this update will highly affect the startups and minor businesses. The amount they have invested in social media marketing will be a great loss to them. This update will stop them from getting the data to reach out and engage the last end user accordingly. The free applications also depend on this data. Facebook charges them for this, and many of the applications have invested heavily in data to earn through paid ads. This update will create complete chaos for such applications. 

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