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The now social media giant Facebook had somewhat simple beginnings. A platform for people to connect, communicate, and share life’s biggest (and smallest) news with loved ones and even a few new ones. However, today’s Facebook functions as social media as well as possible e-commerce and advertising platform. Many small businesses have set up their shops on Facebook and use it to stay in touch with customers for feedback and purchases.


Keeping in view its growing popularity as an e-commerce gateway by small-time entrepreneurs, Facebook focuses on serving these customers in more ways. One of the most recent efforts taken by it in this direction is the decision to acquire the customer service newbie Kustomer. This is an emerging company focused on improving customer interaction and customer support for new businesses slowly spreading their wings.


With Kustomer becoming a part of the Facebook family soon, the social media giant is working its way through becoming a quick online front for small-time enterprises and their operations, including customer service. The inclusion of Kustomer will definitely help entrepreneurs on Instagram, another Facebook subsidiary, as well. This photo-sharing site is also seeing huge interest from customers looking to make an easy-to-make and easy-to-manage online store.


The dual nature of Facebook as an online e-commerce platform and a leading social media site is a position otherwise unheard of in the tech industry. Both aspects bring Facebook millions of new customers and visitors every month and drive its primary revenue collecting source, i.e. advertising for third-party brands and those only available on itself. The acquisition of Kustomer is bound to drive up its advertising earnings as well if people’s customer experience on it improves soon alongside it.   


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