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SEO is one of the crucial elements for a business' digital visibility and traction. The online presence of any brand is dependent on it popping up in the Google searches by potential customers. This makes SEO a serious milestone for businesses if they want to enjoy good traffic. There are various techniques to make sure your webpage content is nicely optimized and comes up prominently during a search.

Until now, most SEO strategies were based on how Google's indexing algorithms crawled through a webpage and decided if the main topic was relevant to the search keywords. However, Google's new search engine update promises a better understanding of web content and can significantly change how we think about SEO.

This new update will now feature the webpage if it even has a paragraph relevant to the keywords. Their new language processing strategies aim to keep the context in check as well. This way, the webpage will be given importance in search results even if it is not completely dedicated to the keywords. The update will also tackle misspellings during searches and redirect the user to relevant webpages even if keywords are incorrectly spelled.

SEO and content gurus are terming this as a significant improvement on Google's side of its search engine policies. Some optimistic marketers see this as a sign that the web content of tomorrow will now be more quality-oriented than just useless keyword stuffing. However, some hold the opinion that the focus from keyword is not completely gone as even the most advanced algorithms can misunderstand the context of a paragraph. Whatever the case, it is certain that the world's top search engine is only going to improve from here on. 

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