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Halloween is just around the corner, and brands are looking to give their SEO activities a boost so that they can make the most out of this season of promotional offers and discounts. Businesses look forward to seasons like these with an aggressive selling approach; that is why they introduce discounts to increase their sales volume, and they could steal a spot in the business limelight.

Amid such circumstances, when businesses pursue getting SEO services from a reliable SEO company, they sometimes commit the deadly mistake of hiring a substandard agency. SEO campaigns are surely the last thing marketers would want to get spooked about during the Halloween season as variables like revenue growth, and customer expansion depends upon how well SEO campaign for a brand performs.

Here are a few SEO mistakes discussed that every SEO agency should avoid while managing their client’s SEO campaign.

Image file names

While getting your website updated or redesigned, there is one thing that you, as a digital marketer, would not want to be updated, and that is your website’s images. Even more important than those images are their file names. While searching for quality content and keywords, search engines also search for keywords in the names of image files to decide the place of that website in the SERPs.

Being an SEO agency, when you are providing SEO services to your clients, you must not update the images and their names on the website.

Static URLs

Suppose your website’s domain is written in two ways, i.e., with ‘www’ and without it. In that case, a search engine might consider it as two different websites. Consequently, a search engine like Google can charge you with a duplicate content penalty and make your brand’s website practically invisible.

SEO services must avoid creating double URLs for their clients’ websites.

Robots.txt usage

It is one of the best SEO practices to have ‘robots.txt’ file on your website. Google searches for this file in any website to determine what content to crawl on and what to avoid. Any marketer must be alarmed if their brand’s website does not have this file, and they must contact their SEO agency to get this problem fixed.

There are several other SEO mistakes that every SEO agency must avoid while managing SEO campaigns for their clients.

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