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Google, one of the tech titans of Silicon Valley, went down for a short period today, sending its users into confusion. The site went under and resulted in all of its sister services like YouTube, Drive, and Gmail suffering a moment of error. Users were surprised to witness them so suddenly, and that too from a company that may have the most sophisticated online service infrastructure out there. Despite the long list of productivity tools and online services it offers, the service has crashed like it did today and is blindly trusted by the whole world.

The current prevalence of ‘work-for-home’ across the globe made this outage receive much more attention than it would have gotten regularly. Many professionals and schools throughout the world use the popular Google services Gmail and Meet to attend meetings/classes and keep up with their work as these are robust applications with trustworthy applications throughout the world. 

The services came back after a few hours of outage, to everyone’s relief. The tech giant has not released any official announcement addressing the sudden outage, and so there are many conjectures out there trying to guess. However, all of these are just assumptions as only Google can definitively say what went down to take down Google.

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