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YouTube has come such a long way since it was launched. For the longest time, it was famous for being everyone’s favourite video platform. In its present stage, it hosts so much more than just videos. It has become the most common way to enjoy music legitimately and is also working on feature series just for its YouTube Originals platform, to name a few.

Along with being the world largest video sharing platform comes different kinds of interesting statistics. Which video is the most trending? Which one has the most likes? Which one has the most dislikes? From all of these questions, the most prominent one asks for the video with the most views. This coveted title was held by the 2017 Spanish musical hit ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee until recently.

This record was snatched from ‘Despacito’ by popular children rhyme-song video ‘Baby Shark Dance’ uploaded by the channel ‘Pinkfong! Songs & Stories’. ‘Baby Shark Dance’ has seen enormous popularity since its release and has become the source of various internet memes and parodies. With the pandemic driving everybody to depend on online content for entertainment, it only makes sense for home-bound children to flock to their favourite rhyme-songs.  Owning to its playful tune and childish lyrics, ‘Baby Shark’ has captured the hearts of young children and adults equally. It only seems that it will only grow more popular.

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