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If you use the internet, chances are you know about Google. It is one of the internet's foremost giants and offers services and tools covering numerous different domains. Email, video platforms, communication services, advertisement services, and translation services are just a few of Google's offerings. But its most used service is undoubtedly its widely popular Google Search that receives 80% of the global search traffic.

With so much of humanity visiting it every day, it is no surprise that Google has developed its search engine into a robust and versatile tool. This is made possible by continually developing their search technology and integrating tools that make searching much more accessible. One such tool is its product knowledge panel that lists a searched product's availability across all major e-commerce platforms. Such a tool is helpful for the users and gives more exposure to e-commerce sites and adds to their business. 

However, if Google were to implement this feature with its usual policy, the most frequent feature site would be undoubtedly the world's largest e-commerce company: Amazon. That is why while Amazon may appear at the top of its search results, it is absent from these listings to give Amazon competition.

Getting featured in these listings can provide an e-commerce platform with huge online prominence and probably a boost in sales as well. For this, the platform needs to get itself familiar with Google Merchant Center and register itself there if not already done so. Afterward, the product's details and a unique product identifier are provided, and the "free product listing" option is selected.

Getting products featured readily at the world's most used search engine can provide small businesses and e-commerce platforms with the necessary boost to up their sales and meet their targets. This feature is also a step against the monopoly of enormous corporations in the search results that tower over smaller and more vulnerable businesses.  

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