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Let’s start by talking about two totally different things: Twitter Marketing and WordPress.

Twitter is easily the most happening social media platform among all the major platforms. There is always a topic trending that Twitteratis are constantly talking about. After all, Twitter is the platform to immediately share your opinion among your followers in just 140 characters. Its short and concise format makes it popular among the masses and celebrities wanting to connect with their followers quickly. The popularity of the platform is the reason businesses pursue Twitter marketing as a viable marketing option to broaden their customer outreach and generate more leads.

WordPress, on the other hand, is a totally different deal. It is a content management system that is a popular choice for people wanting to easily set up a blog or portfolio of their work online. Websites on WordPress range from simple point and click designs to vibrant and dynamic websites with different functionalities.

However, often, Twitter marketing services can create something truly unique when one powerful tool is used in combination with another. In this case, combining a versatile social media platform like Twitter with a powerful content management system like WordPress can truly energize your Twitter marketing efforts. This combination is achieved by using the Twitter plugin available in WordPress, that lets you tweet any development on your site with a click.    

Should You Even Give WordPress A Try For Your Twitter Marketing Strategy? 

In theory, this may sound really hard to pull off. A potential confusion may arise in the reader that Twitter marketing is challenging in itself already, with so many different details and competition. Should one consider involving another technology like WordPress with the hope of that it helps our Twitter marketing campaign? Well, first off,  maybe you should consider looking for a service to help you with handling a Twitter marketing campaign and cut the hassle, if you think it is difficult. This is easily achieved with the help of a dedicated professional Twitter marketing agency. Secondly, involving WordPress gives you a whole new set of functionalities to work with and use to benefit your Twitter marketing strategy. 

Read on below to find out what different ways you can set this powerful combination up and use it to start taking your Twitter marketing strategy in a whole new dimension.

Keep Your Audiences Up-To-Date With Latest Uploads

As people prominently use WordPress as a portfolio to showcase their creative work, be it written work or art-based work. If you have garnered a following for your work and want to keep your fans updated with whatever new content you have worked on, Twitter marketing through Wordpress is the perfect candidate for the job. By directly posting a tweet as soon as you freshly upload the new stuff, your fans will constantly follow you to stay updated. This helps you achieve what your Twitter marketing strategy has always wanted to achieve.

Use Twitter Cards For Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

With the help of WordPress, your Twitter marketing campaign can take new forms and shapes. One of these new forms is the Twitter card that embeds a tweet with a direct link to your WordPress website or a post on there. With this, your followers can be directly taken to your website or post and get you the online traffic that Twitter marketing promises. A popular plugin for this purpose is the Yoast SEO plugin that makes the process significantly easy by reducing it to a form. 

Make Your Content Tweetable!

One of the unique functionalities that the powerful integration of WordPress and Twitter offers is the ability of the reader to tweet a piece of content directly to their feed! This has several different benefits for your Twitter marketing campaign. It can further broaden your audience by giving the followers of your followers a taste of your content and making them curious about visiting your WordPress portfolio. The more followers tweet your content, the more it adds to your popularity and makes a case for effective Twitter marketing

The above functionalities are only some of the ones offered by the unique integration of WordPress and Twitter. Using this integration as part of your Twitter marketing campaign can bring you a greater audience, more online traffic and prove to be the necessary push you had always dreamt of. This integration is also among the starting steps taken by a professional Twitter marketing company when they start devising a marketing strategy for you. The ease of use with WordPress and Twitter makes the implementation of this combination quick and easy for any user level.    

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