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In 2005, Youtube started as a really basic yet unique idea: a platform where anyone could share videos with friends and the world. The founders had to recruit people to upload the first videos and slowly spread the word. Fast forward fifteen years, YouTube is one of the biggest and most popular entities on the internet. It enjoys a significant amount of global internet traffic and has expanded its reach to more than just videos. It has become a hub for anyone to learn, share, teach, and express.


Placing advertisements on its videos is the primary source of revenue for Youtube and is split with the video’s creators. Its popularity as the world’s leading video sharing platform and the world’s second-largest music streaming platform resulted in advertising bringing Youtube billions of dollars annually. This is why one of the companies main points of focus and subject to consistent development have been the YouTube advertising services.


Recently,  a novel way was announced by Youtube for advertising on music videos. It announced that such videos would feature a still image along with fifteen-second audio advertisements called Youtube Music ads. This decision comes from research that most music listeners keep the music window open in the background.


Music advertising on Youtube through this way is a new direction in which its advertising strategy is launching. Such ads would prove more effective as they would cause less annoyance and deliver the message without a visual cue.


However, there have also been developments that may make Youtube’s Advertising services come to heads with major creators. The streaming giant also announced placing ads on creator videos from which the creators will not be earning if they are not registered with its Affiliate program. This can further complicate matters for content creators who have relied on Youtube’s Advertising services as their main source of income. Controversies in the past have also made earning difficult for content creators as YouTube implemented stricter advertising revenue policies.  


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