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Google is easily the most widely known tech company in the world. Part of its reputation comes from its search engine being the leading one by a crazy wide margin. However, a significant part of its reputation also comes from the fact that it offers much more than just a search engine. The product portfolio of Google might as well stretch more than a few pages, as it offers a diverse range of products from quick translation products to a whole productivity suite. Amongst this expansive range of products is Google Maps, which is the most popular navigation tool today.


Released a decade and a half ago, Maps has evolved into becoming the go-to navigation app, trusted by individuals and prominent ride-hailing and sharing apps. It offers a host of different options to help you navigate through different routes and has a live feed of traffic that helps save time and effort. It has different options to help you maneuver according to different routes, whether you are on foot or in a vehicle. It uses live data generated every minute from all users using the app to generate the shortest routes with the least hassle.


With a recent update, Google has launched new functionalities for Maps that make a stronger case for its popularity. Businesses can now directly message viewers and vice versa for further information and details in case of a purchase. However, businesses would need to be verified for this purpose as it may lead to some misuses. Alongside that, businesses can also get insights into the customer engagement their online website and listings are achieving through Maps and Search. The popular function Street View can now be contributed to by customers who can upload their own imagery of streets and alleys. A three-sixty view is not needed as a user can take a series of images, and Google would combine them itself.


With the recent addition of exciting new functionalities, Google Maps is improving only further. One can only guess what radical new updates are in place for the popular navigation tool in the future.      

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