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This tough and uncertain year is finally coming to an end. With multiple vaccines for the COVID virus being developed and distributed soon, hopes are high for 2021. Businesses are looking forward to experiencing some long due stability in their sales and continuing with their digital platforms. 2020 taught us the importance of ecommerce and digital platforms in the modern world when a pandemic could suddenly restrict physical business activity. With a rise in online platforms also came a rise in the popularity of internet marketing strategies, mainly SEO. As Christmas 2020 is coming closer, it makes sense to think about what SEO could look for in 2021.

SEO services have dealt with the year’s challenges with certain grace and speed. As more and more companies went digital, it was important for them to be spotted where the users were searching for them: search engines. Professional SEO services help them achieve this target with a keen understanding of these search engines and different tools to guide the process. As Christmas 2020 is coming through, there are certain things SEO companies everywhere are asking from major search engines to make the oncoming year a little easier to deal with. 

One major demand from SEO experts worldwide is a feature that was part of Google Analytics some time back but was stripped off subsequently: Keyword data. Google and Bing's analytics tools offer a wide variety of statistics regarding search queries and their volume but hardly any on keywords and their associated data. As the search engines can offer insights about the keywords, no other tool can; including keyword data in analytics would increase its worth tenfold. A historical ranking of keywords to see how the search trends and habits of people have changed would be really beneficial as well. 

Besides that, SEO companies are also asking search engines to be clearer on the terminologies they use and define them concretely. Terms like “thin content”, which routinely gets sites into trouble, should be made easier to understand so that sites can avoid them. 

Everyone is hoping that after the wreck 2020 was, 2021 would bring some respite from constant uncertainty and stress. With Christmas 2020 here, we can all hope this together and brace through it together as well.     

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