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Back in the day when SEO was relatively newer, a webpage would enjoy a place on the first page of a search engine’s search results by keyword repetition or stuffing. However, that is not the case anymore. The algorithms of various popular search engines have developed and come a long way, and they now check the content for quality as well as how well keywords are blended with the content. Businesses now have come to this realization that SEO, in most cases, is not an in-house job anymore, and they need to hire professional SEO agencies to provide them with customized services.

With the advancement in algorithms of different search engines, scammers have also improved their game, and they use different tools to create content that fits a modern search engine guideline. However, even if they can deceive some search engines, platforms like Google or Bing are still smart enough to trace the scam and get the content reported. In short, only quality content gets that viewership in the search results of a search engine.

A webpage will be placed higher in the SERPs by a search engine if it is well-crafted, has relevant information according to the user’s search and has a perfect blend of keywords in it. An internal team within an enterprise would always find it difficult to cater to all these factors, and the results would always differ in quality as compared to a professional SEO company.

Misconceptions related to hiring an SEO agency

Many small business owners think that spending money on hiring professional SEO services from a third party SEO agency would result in a wastage of resources and would not produce the desired results. Hiring professionals might at first not produce quick results in terms of lead conversions, but then again, SEO is a slow process that starts producing results after a while. SEO services might even be costly from some agencies, but all the expenses eventually pay off when companies start gaining new customers and expanding their customer horizons as a result of a good SEO campaign.

With this field gaining popularity, the global market is observing a boom of SEO companies as more businesses are looking to hire SEO services, and people are opening their own SEO companies after getting relevant skills. With every other person looking to start their SEO agency, the quality of SEO services are relatively degrading, and businesses are finding it difficult to hire a reputable and professional SEO company. Especially in developed countries like the USA, where a large portion of the entire population is tech-savvy, brands are very specific about their SEO requirements, and they want their web content to be optimized such that it appears higher in the SERPs.

In the USA, businesses are well aware of the fact that most of the population could be easily found on various popular social media platforms and it is always easier for them to advertise their offerings via an online channel rather than spending money on old school marketing techniques (TVCs and billboards). Finding a reputable SEO agency, however, is still a difficult task for global brands, especially in developed countries like the USA.

Simply put, an SEO expert’s task is to make the online content on a brand’s website useful and relevant enough so that it could get featured on the first page or higher in the SERPs. Not only do they have to improve the content’s quality and make it more relevant and useful, but they also have to take care of the keywords density. More than density, search engine’s look for keywords that are carefully placed in the content. So, SEO experts have to take care of this factor as well. An online content, even if it has relatively lesser keywords, should have a perfect blend of them to get itself featured higher in the SERPs.

How to look for the right SEO company for your business

There are a few factors that every business should consider before beginning with their search for SEO companies. The most important thing is customer review or word of mouth. Business owners should always take a second opinion about the SEO company that they are looking forward to hiring. They should conduct in-depth research about that company that for how long they have been operating, how many brands’ SEO campaigns have they managed and how successful were they in their projects. The businesses for which they worked in the past should have a positive review about them, and they should have stated that they were content with whatever services were rendered to them during their tenure.

In the modern-day business, almost every other brand is looking to boost their SEO game. The only question that remains now is how a brand hires professional and reputable SEO agencies and how good are the results SEO companies are producing for them.

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