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As vast as the uses of the internet are, the amount of daily users it receives is hardly surprising. With such a large group of users on the internet, all with diverse intentions of using the web, something like internet marketing can seem complicated. However, the field of internet marketing is categorized to simplify targeting all different kinds of uses of the internet. In the case of search engines, which receive a significant part of the global internet traffic, there are several search engine marketing strategies. One of the most prominent included in them is pay-per-click marketing.


Through this marketing strategy, businesses pay search engines to show their websites link on top of organic search results on the top page. This way, whenever a user searches for something relevant to the website, they are shown the website links. As mentioned before, the amount of traffic search engines receives make pay-per-clickmarketing a most sought after option to boost a website’s online engagement and give its digital visibility a new life.


Pay-per-click holds immense potential for a small business or website looking to be spotted by relevant consumers and attract significant traffic. While many platforms offer pay-per-click advertising, reading the term ‘search engine’ inevitably reminds us of the most popular one out there: Google.


Google offers pay-per-click advertising under their Google Ads service and sees demand from thousands of websites to be featured on its search results. This competition can make availing of the true potential of this pay-per-click service difficult. However, understanding the priorities of Google Ads in choosing a business can be of great benefit in this process. Read on to find out the necessary steps needed to be recognized by Google Ads.

Decide on your campaign type.

Not all businesses are made the same. Some focus on delivering products, while some offer different services. As each business has a varying advertising strategy, Google Ads offers pay-per-click services for different types of advertising campaigns. To get the most of Google Ads, it is important to look into these types and understand how each is presented to the consumer audience. Search engine advertising will bring the most visibility for some businesses, while for some, banner ads and videos will prove most beneficial.

Research into your advertising aims and decide on which type of pay-per-click campaign suits your needs best. As significant money is spent on such campaigns, it is important to ensure that it is being realized in the correct form.

Keywords are the key here.

In the case of search engine marketing, keywords are one of the most important aspects and deserve individual focus. Keywords are the words used in search queries by users when looking for something. Keyword research provides enormously useful insight into search trends and intent. They help in creating content that can be ensured to prove helpful to the audience visiting the website.

Targeting relevant keywords helps make the most of Google’s pay-per-click service as Google prioritizes websites that have these keywords featured in their content. Successfully cracking the correct keywords can bring in great amounts of traffic, contributing to getting Google’s confidence. 

Make good use of the tools.

Among the so many utilities it provides, Google Ads also offers different tools to help with each aspect of planning your pay-per-click campaigns. Its data analytics tool can be used to keep a close eye on details such as how much of the traffic is actually converting to sales and which of the keyword being targeted are proving useful, to name a few. It can track the amount of traffic coming to a website and how much of this traffic is coming back for more. Google also offers a keyword research tool that helps understand the keywords users tend to use while searching for something and which keywords are proving must useful.

With the help of these tools, you can closely monitor which steps in your pay-per-click campaigns are proving most beneficial and which need to be improved. With such guidance by your side, your pay-per-click campaign can reach new heights.


Above are some of the pointers that should be kept in mind to use Google’s pay-per-click advertising service. As Google auctions its pay-per-click space to the most optimized website, one with the most relevant content and is already attracting decent traffic, it is important to make the most of this opportunity. These tips are useful for Google and other major advertising services (like Microsoft Advertising) because they similarly offer services and tools. 

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