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Dark mode is a custom interface feature that knows popularity like no other. It is a special favorite of many developers worldwide and is a significant part of the developer culture. General users also enjoy dark mode as it makes the application easier to use in the dark and is easier on the eyes as well. As expected, it can make browsing in bed or programming in the dark much more comfortable. That is why almost all popular software includes the feature to attract a bigger user base.

Now iOS users can try out dark mode on the Facebook app after the social media platform released the feature for public testing. Facebook had already released dark mode for its website and Workplace platform in July this year. Workplace is a platform for professional communities that packs Facebook’s easy-to-use and intuitive communication and sharing features.

While this testing is a wider release than before, the feature is only available to limited parts of the public. As an iOS user, you will need to check if you received it or not.


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