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Google search engine’s algorithm have identified the preferred Valentine's Day candy to every country. A research that will help couples to make their bonding stronger with novel ideas of gifts. 

Zippia, a web spot for job applicants who want knowledge, discovered the favorite Valentine's Day treat for each country. Anyone who's been to a potluck office (or just found a good old bowl of candy) recognizes that not all goodies are as common as some. 

Illinois's dream seasonal candy? Strawberries coated in cookies! The combination of chocolate and fruit was, as per Zippia, the much more common nationally. So, get ready to gift your loved one with these sweet attractive surprises. 

The countries prefer a more discreet (and chocolate-y) way of expressing "I love ya" than all those peanut buttery gifts, as per the data provided by Zippia. This is a fact that has changed the perspective of many new lovers who are thinking to wish the first valentines to their loved ones. 

Zippia's extra dataset comprises: 

Out of fifty countries, a whopping fourty five enjoy cocoa. 

Chocolate dipped strawberries are the most famous Valentine's day sweets. 

Caramel and Choco flowers and a finishing second tie for M&Ms. Would you like to gamble to count, how many of those M&Ms are yellow and lime green? 

Retailers count, with Lindor becoming favored to Dove chocolates. 

The "candy necklaces" are most enjoyed by California, which looks like a slobbery mess around your neck, but to each on their own. 

A stereotypical V-Day preference may be talk hearts, but they are favoured by just four nations. Most states would like a more discreet "I love you," suppose. 

In Kansas, South Carolina and Idaho, Valentine's Day is like a basket of chocolates. 

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