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Would it be wrong to term YouTube as 'the Google for videos'?

Well, technically, yes. Searching on YouTube won't get you all the videos on that topic across the internet on other platforms like Vimeo or Dailymotion, just the videos on YouTube itself. However, even that is more than enough for us. After all, it is the most popular video-sharing platform on the internet right now and the first place to search for a video on anything. This honor has made YouTube a favorite of internet marketers so much that YouTube marketing is a separate domain in itself and is a rapidly emerging one too.

How to make sure your YouTube videos appear in the top results of a relevant search query is the focus of YouTube marketing. Except that, it also focuses on catching the scrolling visitor's attention and making them view the video after it catches their attention. These aims are achieved through a variety of YouTube marketing services such as appropriate tagging, smart video structure, and content selection, to name a few. There are a ton of professional YouTube marketing services out there that can take up the whole responsibility of optimizing a video for you.  

Among the many tactics, a key one used by YouTube marketers focuses on hitting the right keywords in their video descriptions and titles. These keywords are what the search engine built-in YouTube looks for when pulling up results to a query, and they determine the relevance of a video the search engine's eyes. Therefore, if you want your YouTube marketing strategy to show its magic, it is crucial to hit the right keywords during the whole content creating and uploading process. 

Read on to find out the three main details to take care of when ensuring keyword optimization during your YouTube marketing strategy. Ensuring them can do wonders for your YouTube visibility and fulfill your internet fame or monetization dreams.

Utilize The Variety Of Keyword Research Tools

How does one determine which keywords to target for their video? Which keywords are really popular and would be valuable for your YouTube marketing campaign?

One way of knowing this is to go through all the different video suggestions and look for popular channels. With the number of channels on YouTube right now, it might take you a few decades to properly do that. Not to worry, because there are many free tools available to help you with that purpose. Tools like vidIQ, Kparser, and TubeBuddy help you gain a sense of how your competition is using the right keywords to rank so awesomely. 

The keywords found from these tools are going to be helpful for our next tips that tell you how to utilize these keywords effectively.

Metadata Is Your Best Friend

While sifting through the many videos on YouTube to find the relevant ones, its search engines go through the title as well the description provided to judge what it's about. To rank better for effective YouTube marketing, both of these are important to get right. Placing the relevant keywords in the meta-description is specially beneficial and the first line of attack suggested by a YouTube marketing agency. While these keywords can appear to give a summary of the video's content, they can appear in the form of tags as well. The abovementioned tools are used to find such tags and devise a strategy to rank better for them. All of this analysis is also attainable through consulting a YouTube marketing company for professional guidance.    

Long-tail Keywords Are Crucial For YouTube Recognition

Keywords in themselves can be insufficient to form an effective YouTube marketing strategy properly. Searching any keyword into the search engine presents our suggestions to add more detail to it. These suggestions convert keywords into long-tail keywords, which tell more about the user's search intent. These long-tail keywords can be important for understanding the kind of content that is needed by users but may not be available yet. This is a brilliant window of opportunity for a content creator to make relevant content that can be hugely helpful for their YouTube marketing strategy. 


YouTube is slowly expanding to new dimensions such as music, web-series, and even augmented reality. As it grows more and more, it opens the door for many opportunities for aspiring content creators and brands to benefit from its wide reach. By making a keyword a crucial aspect of your YouTube marketing campaign, you can finally appear in the top search results and gain sweet recognition. As always, if the task appears too daunting, help in the form of a YouTube marketing company is never far away. 

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