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Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that Australia has Microsoft's bing that can be an effective replacement for google and Facebook if they don't agree on the new media outlets' new amounts of capital. The Australian government's novel rules and regulations have bound Facebook and google to pay the money to local media channels for the circulation driven to their portals by these. 

Though these giant fishes are still acting stubborn and have disagreed with all the regulations, they claim that these are impracticable and will not last for longer. Therefore, Australia can face a problem too. Most of the businesses are working on their different portals, and they earn great revenue because of these portals, and these big fishes are claiming to close some of Australia's primary options if the rules get implemented and further procedures get executed. 

The primary service they will shut at first is the GSE google search engine, which runs almost 90-94% of revenue from the search market as per data generated by the market. 

The new regulations were discussed between Morrison and the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella. As a result, Morrison stated that Microsoft's bing is ready to fill the gap and has a solution for the situation accordingly. 

"I can tell you, Microsoft's pretty confident, when I spoke to Satya," Morrison told reporters in Canberra, without giving further detail of the conversation.

"We just want the rules in the digital world to be the same that exist in the real world, in the physical world," Morrison stated.

Microsoft agreed upon the dialogue but followed the no comment policy as the company has no role in the regulations. It's just a part of the solution as the result of this regulation implementation. 

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