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After the chaos of Privacy now google has started to satisfy its clients with novel cookie updates. Here, the primary question is how much it will affect the advertisers using google to advertise their content and how it will benefit the users and Google itself?

The experts and Digital Marketing Specialists are not looking at this approach of google as a privacy measure. Moreover, they think it's just a filthy game to control the marketing industry more efficiently and intensely. 

This step of google will be perilous for many small businesses and the portals that are earning throw the ads generated by the cookies. The users will not notice or understand the change, nor will it affect any end-user experience. The search engine was the most useful contribution of google in the marketing process. Now, Google wants to advance through another product, "CHROME." Google will use some machine learning methods on Chrome to collect data of user interests by browsing histories. 

Things will be much sorted and safer when we see it from a user's perspective than this existing setup. Confidentiality is going to improve. Google is going to use its privacy sandbox to make things more secure for users. It will help decrease spam ads and third-party cookies, preventing users from the web world's cons. The marketers will now require novel methods to analyze their performance. 

These resolutions were vital because of the reality that the last end-users' Privacy is at stake because of current data operations. Thus, businesses are being compromised as many of the companies have heavily invested in the existing marketing infrastructure, and all investments will be a significant loss for small businesses and specifically the free applications that use ads to earn. 

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