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It is a popular belief that tweaking a website for better SEO is not that hard. However, a website may appear very straightforward on the face, but it hardly is at the back. A robust-looking and dynamic website is made possible by significant hard work put into designing and coding the website on the backend. As a website involves many different aspects such as its aesthetic, functionality, and position in the internet, each aspect is usually coded in different languages for better control. CSS deals with the first aspect, Javascript enables control over the second, and the third is specified through HTML.


HTML is the standard markup language used to create web pages to be displayed in a web browser. It is important to SEO as it has the necessary information embedded in its code that a search engine uses to judge a website's relevancy as it crawls it. This necessary information is found under the tags "title" and "meta." One of the first things an SEO agency jumps to when consulted is to improve the HTML code at the backend of the website for better recognition and, therefore, effective SEO.


There are several techniques and tactics one can use through HTML, which directly affects the SEO quality and improves it much further. Tags have further attributes that add to the dimension of HTML and make it truly robust. One really important HTML tag attribute used by SEO services is the "nofollow" attribute to the "link" tag that tells search engine bots to disregard a certain link from the website's link-building portfolio. This is immensely helpful to root out dead links, which may hurt the link-building of the website. Similarly, the heading tags help bots reach the relevant content and keyword for a query in the article in an easier manner.

Such HTML tags add more functionality and organization to a website and help SEO professionals better understand a website works. Using them to the website's advantage can make a website much easier to crawl and index, making the SEO professional's job much easier.   


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