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Every business that wants to taste some real success dreams the same dream: to appear whenever a prospective customer needs them miraculously. By being there at precisely the right time, scoring a customer becomes much more likely. Couple that with an excellent first experience, and you have earned yourself a loyal customer. The coolest thing is that this dream is actually very much possible through the most popular way of looking for things: Google Search.

By ensuring a solid online presence on Google search result pages, a business can finally accomplish its dream and witness a surge in online traffic. This is achieved through a set of tactics and strategies called search engine optimization (SEO), which helps you rank better. However, it's not only the question of ranking higher than other sites. Using tools like Google My Business listings, a business can develop its presence to more than just a link and have a unique presence on search result pages. 

Google My Business listings contribute heavily to a positive online image. Users can review your business and further enhance it's credibility in the eyes of prospective customers. These reviews can be in a descriptive form or even as a quick rating in the form of stars. These stars give prospective customers a quick preview of the kind of satisfaction you have managed to deliver. 

Getting these stars to display is a somewhat straightforward process. It requires you to use a tool to gather all your reviews from other review sites and embed them onto your own website. Afterward, you can specify to Google that you want these ratings to be shown as part of your description for the link. Creating a dedicated page for displaying your ratings can be more helpful in this process. 

These reviews have to be easily accessible by the users to count as legitimate. However, once posted, these star ratings can seriously drive your online image forward and bring you even more users and customers. Consulting an SEO company and asking them to display such star ratings as part of your package is a smart way of getting these ratings to be displayed.  

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