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In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), the fact that Google is the most sought after search engine is hardly surprising. After all, it owns the bulk of the search engine market, and its search functionality is the most robust in the world. Except for a versatile search engine, Google also offers many different tools for websites to track and improve their SEO to the highest potential. Tools such as Analytics, Ads, and Search Console provide crucial insight into the working of the internet’s most popular search engine.


All of the above tools and helpful guides and tutorials for effective SEO were present previously under the name ‘Google Webmaster Central.’ The name gives insight into becoming a ‘webmaster’ by learning all the right tools and tricks. However, Google recently announced the decision to do away with this name and rechristen it as ‘Google Search Central.’


But that’s not it!


The renaming came along with a change in the user interface that goes well with the updated design guide Google has been following recently. Along with helpful SEO learning material, there are case studies present on the Google Search Central to reinstate the popularity of Google Search. It also offers tools to debug and improve your website's SEO then and there.


There has been some conjecture over this new name's abbreviation and how it is the same as ‘Google Search Console.’ But with the redesigning and availability of so much helpful information, ‘Google Search Central has become the new goto place to learn and grow your SEO knowledge and skillset. 

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