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Instagram has quickly paved its way to become one of the most popular social media platforms among a smattering of others. With Instagram, people don’t only share their favorite visual memories but also shop from small businesses that have set up their shops there. Ecommerce on Instagram has a very special experience to it, as the profiles are primarily a portfolio of the products. Anyone wanting to buy a product can navigate easily and message for an order.

Throughout the last few years, Instagram has developed its platform to accommodate the social media aspect as well as the e-commerce aspect. This has led to Instagram marketing becoming a favorite of small-time independent businesses who don't want to deal with too much hassle and details. 

With so many small-time businesses eagerly setting up their Instagram business accounts, the company has been working on making the experience much better. Personalized ads and a sleek business account design are some of the perks Instagram has to offer. However, with the recent most update, these small-time businesses are guaranteed to reach a bigger audience.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers can now tag products in their Instagram Reels, the social media platforms short-video option. This can introduce a dynamic way to approach Instagram marketing in the coming future. Businesses wanting to extend their Instagram marketing campaign to more than just photos with descriptions can now look to this popular video format. Influencers will also have a fun time coming up with exciting and innovative ways to endorse a product through Instagram Reels.  

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