What is SEO, and what does it do?

SEO is a methodology that is a combination of different strategies, methods, and programs to enhance your website’s visibility and searchability. The techniques come together and boost the website’s ranking in the SERPs driving more traffic to the business. 

The optimization, however, isn’t as simple as it sounds. The entire process of the SEO requires expertise, skills, and experience that not many people possess. This is the reason why businesses in the USA outsource the process and invest in the SEO services by hiring professional SEO agencies that carry out the process for them. 

Nevertheless, before investing in SEO services, one must be clear about certain things in business. They include:

  • What are your goals behind investing in an SEO service? What is it that you’re trying to accomplish?
  • Are you ready to put in your time, money, and dedication towards this service?
  • What are the techniques that will give you the best ROI?

If you have the answers to these questions, then you’re more than ready to invest in SEO service for your company. 

But before we go to the next step of the guide, remember that SEO doesn’t provide magic results in a couple of days. Reaching to Google’s first page is the aim of all businesses in the USA; therefore, immense competition. Make sure you don’t believe agencies that promise you higher ranking overnight because it isn’t ethical or legal in any way.

Many people claim that SEO is extremely complicated. It stands on three pillars:

  • Content is essential. Only valuable content will stand tall in the search engines
  • The content needs to be comprehensible by the machine to be noticed
  • The results of an SEO service might take some time, so you need to stay patient!

The Content

Content of the website needs to be valuable to attract customers. Before coming up with the content, you need to realize to think it through. What is it so special and unique about your product that the customer should purchase it? How is it different from the other products in the market? What is so different about you? Make sure you make your products/service look appealing that would attract the customers and makes the SEO service worthwhile. 

But before you reach the consumers, you need to make a compelling case with Google. If you don’t want to be ignored by the search engines, make yourself stand out through your content by making it well-structured, impressive, and understandable.

Since the audience skims through the content, make bullets. Adding subheadings, avoiding cliches, and making the content digestible is your way to impress the audience.

SERPs Should Find You

Since you’ve succeeded in getting your content right, you can now move on to the next step. Tested and proved, these are the three most used techniques for efficient SEO:

  • Build Inbound Links
  • Maximize the links organically 
  • Constant on-page optimization is required to keep the key pages readable

Inbound Links

Quality links that direct back to your company site is what makes it efficient and promises Google good quality of your site. An important thing to remember is that the link building needs to be organic, or else Google will figure it out, and will heavily penalize your site (might even remove it from the search engine.) 

Earned & Unearned Links

Earned links have the highest rank in the hierarchy of SEO. It counts towards most points in getting the highest rank on the search engines. Earned links are the ones constructed by a third party without your involvement, and Google has the power to figure out which link is provided by who. 

On-Page Optimization

There are several principles to follow to improve On-Page Optimization:

  • Keyword- A keyword or phrase should be focused per page
  • The Keyword should be present in:

1. Page Title & Meta Title

2. Content

3. Headings

4. URL

5. Image titles

  • The title should be as precise as possible
  • Static URL
  • Internal links to the sources that are relevant should be used. Make sure not to use too many!


There are several other SEO techniques; however, this guide contains the ones that give you the highest ROI in the USA. Always remember, don’t make the SEO services your main focus. Other customer services hold equal importance, and you should focus on what you do best! SEO will do its job, but the customers should not regret coming to you. Provide them with the best services so that they are satisfied with their decision, and so is Google!

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