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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most widely used internet marketing strategies among online businesses. Some enterprises tend to hire and build their own SEO teams to have a closer eye on the kind of changes made to the online platform for optimization. Some consult an SEO company and outsource the responsibilities to them. That is why there are so many companies in the USA that offer professional SEO services to all kinds of businesses.


However, it is also important to understand that a business needs to have a basic understanding of SEO and its workings. This knowledge helps executives making better decisions and ensuring that the enterprise is not duped. Crawl budget is one such concept that most businesses are not aware of and which SEO services educate about.


Crawling refers to the activity where search engines like Google go through your webpages during a relevant search query. During crawling, it also goes through the links provided on each of the webpages. Crawl budget refers to the maximum number of pages Google will visit during crawling, and it is allotted to your website. When a webpage features more links than it is supposed to, this crawling budget can limit and damage your website’s indexing. This makes the crawl budget an immediate concern and crucial for the website’s SEO.


The smart use of your crawl budget can help make the SEO strategies being implemented more effective. One of the ways that come under as a smart use focuses on the robots.txt file of the webpage. This file contains all the info of which the crawler should ignore links in the webpage. This helps in specifying the effective use of the crawl budget on pages that matter. Similarly, updating the sitemap will also help the search engine where the internal links will help use the sitemap better.


The nature of the website itself is important, as well. Using HTML to construct the website is another recommended way as it fits better with Google’s algorithm. While doing so, pages and links that lead to errors are unappreciated by site visitors and waste the crawl budget.


Proper utilization of the crawl budget can help a website achieve better SEO, regardless of handling it itself or outsourcing the responsibilities. Businesses need to know of it so that they can take better decisions regarding it.

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