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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important aspect that a website focuses on to maximize its online success. It involves making their website user-friendly and search engine friendly so that it can be featured in top search results and receive more traffic. While SEO involves different strategies, the design and ease of use of a website contribute massively to optimizing a website.


One of the widely accepted reasons for the growth in the internet's presence in our lives is the wide variety of smart devices in our hands. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart music players, and smartwatches are some of such devices that have enabled the modern digital era. Information, communication, and entertainment are now accessible at (literally) our fingertips.


However, this has made making an engaging website more challenging. Websites now have to accommodate the differing screen sizes, memory, and consumer market for all these different devices. This has given birth to two novel domains: User Interaction (UI) and User Experience (UX). These domains ideate different testing conditions for a product, like a device or software, and view it from the consumer's eyes. In today's competitive world, companies are heavily investing in these domains to make their products consumer-friendly and easy to use.


Focusing on a website's UX can do wonders for its SEO. It involves understanding the visitor's intent, what information they may want to access, and the general browsing habits. The load time of a website, its meta description, and the quality of onsite content are some aspects that help the website's SEO as well as its visitors. Improving the UX of a website would also attract more traffic, leading to better SEO and recognition. Link building with other websites similarly leads the visitors to further helpful content and contributes to the betterment of the website's SEO. These tips and tweaks attract significant traffic and build trust into the website and a loyal user base. Search engines further reward these achievements by better ranking in search results.  

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