Email marketing is one of the oldest and most frequently used digital marketing strategies. It is a direct, effective, and easy to access technique, which is why it is popular amongst many businesses.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing involves sending emails to customers and prospects. This strategy is said to be highly effective since it doesn't involve many technicalities and is easier to integrate to boost marketing efforts. Powerful email marketing helps businesses promote their brand by converting prospects into customers and switching one-time buyers into loyal and regular customers.

1-Shaping your goals

Always start crafting an email marketing strategy by setting end goals to make your marketing campaign a success; it is essential to highlight your main objective and determine what you're trying to accomplish.

If your website earns on ad impressions, email marketing will enable you to drive more traffic, leading to increased profitability. If you own an eCommerce business, then you would be looking for boosting your sales. In such a situation, email marketing will help promote new products, introduce new customers to your merchandise, and welcome them. Lastly, if you aim to grab the audience's attention and shift it to a particular cause, newsletters, case studies, articles, or requests can be sent through the emails.

2- Choosing the Right Email Marketing Platform

Choosing the right platform for your email marketing campaign is one of the significant steps to your strategy. There are several email marketing solutions in the USA market, but your needs determine what kind of platform you need to invest in. MailChimp, Constant Connect, Mailify, and CampMonitor are a few of the many popular vendors providing a network for email marketing.

With time, email marketing technology has advanced to a great extent. There have been numerous changes and developments in the service that enhance the results of the campaign. The services include automated replies, targeted emails, ad campaigns, eCommerce integration, and much more, depending on various needs, industries, and your target audience.

It is essential to compare the platforms while choosing one for your business needs. Your final choice should align with your goals, demands, budget, and a platform that shows a scope for growth.

3- Building an Email List

While starting to build an email list from scratch, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  ü  Existing email list and email accounts. The first place to look for contacts should be your already existing and former email contacts. It would be relatively easy to start from the contacts whose email ID is still in function.

  ü  Ecommerce platform. Your list of current and past customers from your online store in the USA contact list will help you export customers, creating a further network for effective email marketing.

  ü  If your email list is as empty as new, create compelling and valuable content, and attract inbound traffic. This would enable you to build an email list reliably. Since the subscribers would have intentionally chosen your brand, they would be more interested in you than other clients. 


  ü  Promise not to spam. Modern consumers get irritated with their inbox is constantly spammed with different promotions and newsletters.

  ü  Offer promotions. There is nothing else in the world that attracts customers more than promotions.

  ü  Keep it easy to subscribe. The accessibility factor in today's market is extremely significant. Remember to give an easy way for potential customers to subscribe to your email marketing campaign.

4- Drafting and Email

The most critical step in an effective Email Marketing campaign is drafting an engaging email that decides whether the prospect will turn into a customer or not.

There are certain steps that are to be followed when drafting an email. They are as follows:

  ü  Create the Header. The header has minimal content. It is an integral part of an email since it what attracts a client and convinces them to take action. Sender's Name, Subject Line, and Pre-header are essential elements of an email that cannot be overlooked.

  ü  Email Body. Keep the clients engaged with a compelling and engaging email body. You may want to add the interests of your subscribers. Try to be as considerate as you can by speaking in a language they understand. Make sure to keep the text readable. Also, try to include visuals to keep the readers interested.

  ü  Footer. Don't conclude an email abruptly. Include your company's contact information, such as address, email and contact number, social media links, and a link to unsubscribe, giving subscribers the option to opt-out whenever they want to. 

5- Enable Auto-responders

Automated responses in email marketing provide confirmations for receiving an email, nurture leads, and create credibility. In other cases, it also provides relevant information to the clients about products, their services, and various promotions.

Companies with robust email marketing techniques have automated emails enabled to guide the customer throughout their stages of the journey with the company. It is a cost-effective way to provide appropriate content to the client without spending human time and energy over it. 

6- Hit Send!

You have been successful in creating an effective email. Congratulations! Test run your emails, make required amendments, and accept to learn from your mistakes. It is the key to success!


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