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In the current era of technological progress, everything has gone digital. Whatever has not managed to do so yet, is at the risk of being left behind and forgotten. With all their competition going online, many new and old businesses are actively trying to go so as well. One aspect of this process is to redefine strategies for increasing brand awareness and attract more traffic. That is what digital marketing deals with, and it has witnessed enormous growth in the past two decades.


However, the current year has been a challenging one on many fronts. It has brought widespread fear and uncertainty about the future. Everyone around the world got to experience the dread of losing some aspect of their life completely. Such a tense time has brought many lessons with it for us to learn. However, it has also left us questioning whether domains like digital marketing will continue to grow like before.


The truth is, digital marketing is one of the only domains that did not get hit as badly as others. On the contrary, online businesses gained enormous traffic and became more necessary due to everyone staying at home. The need for effective digital marketing only increased with this development.


But it did not remain completely unaffected. There have been many changes in the way consumers view online businesses and vice versa. These businesses need to focus on the value which their products and services offer, rather than spend exorbitant amounts on commercials. With everyone staying at home, smart but simply put together marketing campaigns are more relatable and appreciated. This also saves money and time for the online businesses. Such campaigns need to reach out to consumers better than focus on over-promoting their products.


There are various platforms and formats which can be used for marketing campaigns. However, certain formats have become more relevant than others (video interviews, short videos, and clips on Facebook and Instagram). With so many different avenues to promote on, a campaign that utilizes all of the effective ones under a single campaign will gain more attraction than one that focuses on just a few.   


A digital marketer wanting to deliver strategies for solid digital visibility will need to understand the above changes. Only then can an online business claim to have adjusted to the ‘new normal’.


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