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The COVID crisis has been one of the biggest recent events in human history. One that has shaken every aspect of our lives. Triggering problems like a healthcare crisis and severe economic recession, the pandemic is the most urgent ongoing challenge humanity is fighting. While there are many vaccines in work and the world is learning to adjust to a post-COVID world, there is still some time before it ends.


During times of social distancing by staying at home, people have become dependent on online businesses for their everyday lives unlike never before. These businesses have been crucial in getting people their daily essentials and personal protective equipment and health services. They have been a source of livelihoods in a time when all other livelihoods are shrouded in uncertainty.


In such a climate, the success of online businesses heavily relies upon the strength of their online presence and credibility. If these businesses want to achieve some online success, they absolutely have to invest in SEO. It is a major ingredient in the recipe to solid digital visibility and enables a business to be spotted instantly in search result pages of search engines. After all, these search engines are the places we first visit when we need anything these days.


With effective SEO on its side, an online business can focus on providing superior services to its customers and not worry about attracting more online traffic. Tools like Google My Business contribute to its SEO by helping a business form a more credible online presence and gain more sales. With so much competition in almost all domains, SEO is what will set an online business apart from the other. 

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