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Numerous Twitter users from social networking and American micro-blogging sites confirmed the dark blue desktop theme has become darker and modified to the light mode for perhaps worse. This has created great chaos in users, and even they are frightened that is twitter-hacked and their data safe or not. What's twitters stance on this? Let's find out.

People on Twitter of U.S social networking sites and micro-blogging confirmed, the dark blue desktop theme has become darker and has been changed to bright style for perhaps worse. Users on the mass level did not like this change. Still, Twitter claims, as per The Verge, that change was deliberate, and Twitter made it to enhance the user experience.  It's a component of an upgrade to help a particular OS react to the same light and dark settings on the Web version. The iOS and android have given dark modes in their OS, and this change was made to keep the application compatible with these novel changes. So users can enjoy the similarity they were enjoying in other applications.

Obviously, if people prefer the earlier dark blue mode, by heading to Twitter's view options and selecting the light mode (rather than the inky black Lights Out and the vivid Default), you can put everything back, and the page should indeed recognize that choice. The organization claims that the Person on Twitter moved from a dark theme to light, which was not supposed to change. If people just had Twitter turned to Dull or Whites Out settings but still had a System in a dull setting, this situation was triggered by a backend bug and could have happened to anybody. You can conveniently adjust this from the display modes on your phone. ANI (ANI) 

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