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In the realm of internet marketing, it is no surprise that Google is one of the main points of focus for SEO. After all, it is the most widely used search engine on the internet and is one of the trend-setters in search engine technologies. Google understands that virtually all SEO services are targeting it and developing new ways to better rank their websites on its search results. This is why it offers many resources to educate people on SEO and help them optimize for its search results, such as its Google My Business listings.


With Google My Business, enterprises and brands can affiliate themselves with Google by entering their information themselves. After verifying the details, Google displays the listing higher than its organic search results to a search query. Therefore, Google My Business is often one of the first steps SEO services go for when building a strong online presence for business clients. However, like any other tool, just using it is not enough, and there are certain things to ensure reaping its benefits.


Along with filling in information to Google My Business, enterprises should also use posting on it. While doing so, the content for these posts should be kept in check. The appropriate type of the post should be selected so that Google can display it accordingly. Adding pictures and videos to the post is a sign of professionalism and confidence on the business’s side. Google My Business posts are not social media posts, so posting trending content formats like hashtags are useless.


Often times a post may be rejected by Google. In that case, the rejection should be an opportunity to learn more about Google My Business’s content criteria and policies. Moving and deleting some of the text here or there should get the post accepted eventually.


Using Google My Business and its posts the right way can possibly turn around an online business’s digital visibility towards a direction of growth and success. Posting regularly and updating customers about all new services and improvements helps build more trust and can lead to reaching a wider audience and generating higher sales. 


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