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To put it simply, Nofollow informs Google and other search engines not to vouch for a specific target link. While it may not have the potential to make you rank higher, it can still be of value when used not as a directive but as a hint. 

Nofollow links can also be involved with a natural link profile, so their absence can make a site look odd. They can be valuable because they can bring more traffic to your website than several followed links – and this is the best thing about them. 

Using Nofollow links

Nofollow links can be useful if you learn how to utilize them. Here are the situations when you should use them and when you shouldn’t. 

When to Use Nofollow:


When you are paid by someone to post their content.

When you sell a link. 

When you are concerned that you may get penalized for a link. 

Sitewide link to your website designer.

When to Use Follow:

When you are guest posting without getting paid for it. 

Link to social media profiles. 

When you are linking out to a trustworthy source. 

SEO pros often manipulate Nofollow – as is the case with everything else – so we need to consider if we are using it as Google intends. 

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