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When it comes to marketing, Instagram has become one of the best social media. One can not only post about their daily lives, but brands have also taken a keen interest in it. Which brand doesn't have an Instagram page? Every brand does. 

With its fantastic feature's brands are able to promote their products and services and gain a bundle of attention. But is all this attention real? Because we have heard about the fake followers crawling on Instagram, right? People buy fake followers just to increase their numbers and look good on the outside. More like a celebrity move. But when it comes to brands, does it help? We don't think so. 

For marketing your brands, you need real Instagram followers. You need loyal customers to buy your stuff; you need real people to promote your brand. But getting real followers is hard. How do we accomplish that? 

We have a few tactics laid out for you. 

Optimize your account 

One of the best ways to gain more followers is to optimize your Instagram account. When you are running your brand, it's important for you to keep the customer that stumbled across your Instagram page stay. But how are you going to do that without an optimized page? Create a creative yet proper username, write a catchy bio, and add images that are eye-catching. This way, your brand marketing on Instagram will be done right. The link in your bio should address the visitor to your website, which will increase the traffic to your website 

Consistent Posting 

According to marketing companies, to promote your brand on Instagram, don't post at random times. If you have gained a few followers, then post accordingly. Neither post so less that your followers forget about you completely nor post too much that it counts as spam. Try to post a few times during the day, and this way, your followers will keep you in the notice. Make a schedule for consistent posting, and you will never forget when it's time to post. This will help you bring more audience to your products. 

Partners and Brand advocates 

One of the other best Instagram marketing tactics is to let others post about your products. It's one of the effective ways to grow your audience and customers, and followers. You can also throw Instagram contests to get the word of your brand out. Your loyal customers can repost your post on their Instagram. And you can also ask other Instagram influencers to post your content on their Instagram. But don't come off as salesy. 

Say no to Fake followers 

Yes, you can buy some followers, but what's the use? It will just be a number presented in front of your page, but those numbers won't get you more buyers. Real followers are a win-win situation rather than having fake ones. 

Fake followers tend to 

Deceive followers

Your account's credibility will be lowered if a visitor comes to your account and see no recent activity but a large number of followers. Built real and long-lasting relationships with your audience to increase engagement and followers.


Those will be just some fake followers; they won't be buying anything from you, so what's the use of those followers? You aren't a celebrity whose number of followers are monitored on a monthly basis to make it in Guinness World Records books. You are running a brand, and you need actual real people to follow you so that they can buy from you and your brand can flourish

No commenting and likes 

Again, those followers aren't going to comment or like anything you post. They aren't real people. Your Instagram page will be left barren. This is not one of the great ways for brand marketing on Instagram 

Real followers will help you build and improve. They will comment and like and share your posts. Real followers are who will increase your engagement.

Promote your account

How will people know about your brand if you will not promote it yourself?

If you want people to notice you and gain followers, then you have to make yourself visible. Make sure your social media accounts are listed on your websites. Let people know where to find you. You can post on one social media about your other social media presence. For example, you can post on Twitter about following your Instagram page to find other exciting stuff. This Instagram marketing tactic always works wonders.

Don't just ask them to follow you but also create some creative content for your audience. Give them a reason to follow you. 

Post what your followers want 

Another great Instagram marketing strategy is to try to figure out what your audience wants. Notice the pattern in which a post of yours gained a lot of attention and try to woo your audience with similar content. Let it be filter captions or content types post what your audience wants to see. 

These were just a few tactics to gain followers. There are more, but let's keep it for another day. Follow these and get back to us with the results. Good luck with marketing your brand on Instagram, my friends.

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