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Finally, WordPress.org has given out its advancement to an updated admin color palette for WP 5.7. The WordPress team claims it will be more manageable and user-friendly. 

WordPress Update 5.7

March 9, 2021, is the announced date for releasing the novel WordPress version (version 5.7) update. 

The updated version 5.7 of WordPress has fixed many pieces, but the most prominent thing is the admin color palette. The official colors available for anything in the WordPress admin area are known as the color palette. 

The color scheme has not been an update since the current palette was created—currently, it consists of 199 colors. 

Users should be ready for a transformation that will change the entire admin panel, almost everything within the admin panel. This update includes changes in plugin, theme, and notifications seen within the admin area of WordPress.

Convenience and Generalization of Admin Area for User-Friendly Experience 

The update was done to simplify the process of color selection for the users and make the admin area more manageable. 

Light to dark, you will find very novel contrasts in this new version. That makes readability easier for color-blind publishers. 

The update has created a unique difference between the new and old versions. It allows users to have a novel experience and keeps the process of accessing the WordPress backend easier. 

199 to 99 only it's a great difference that WordPress has made in this new update. 

Readable Admin Area

The new update has a great aspect that its contrast and readability is much better than the older version. 

The changes will not significantly impact users' sight though users will feel at ease working with this new update.

The change is not quite prominent; however, the changes might be quite significant if compared professionally. 

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