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If you are running your brand, then you should make a business Instagram profile. By doing that, people will take you more seriously. And on the bonus side, you will be able to use Instagram's business features. 

There are many features for brands to use when they switch to an Instagram business account. By using those, they reach more audiences, and their brands get exposure on a larger scale.

So firstly, why Instagram business profile and how it will help you with marketing?

We will be discussing a few benefits of it.

People take you seriously 

If you are wishing to run your brand on your personal account, then it will be the biggest mistake of your life. Choose Instagram's business profile to run your brand. There's a button for you to put up your brand's address contact information at the bottom. By this, it gives your brand a more professional look. And voila! People will take you more seriously. 

With your personal account, people will never take your brand seriously. Imagine you follow a brand that also posts pictures of their families. Will you take them seriously?

Analytics access 

Another marketing feature of  Instagram Business accounts is that it will help you give the ability to access the analytics, which you can’t do with a personal account. You will be able to see the impressions, reach, and audience engagement. And with the help of this, you will be able to see and improve your performance. 

Instagram advertising 

According to Instagram marketing tactics, if you have a business account on Instagram, then Instagram can generate ads and promoted posts, which are created through Facebook's ads manager. Due to Instagram advertising, your brand can reach up to 10,000 followers and engage more people time by time. These ads can help you achieve your goals of maximum reach and impressions.

Scheduled posting 

Instead of keeping a reminder to post manually on your Instagram page now, Instagram marketing tactics have come up with a new feature that will automatically schedule the posts of your brand and post them on your account. 


Another great Instagram marketing feature is tagging your products on your posts. You can now turn your posts into shoppable posts. This way, your feed will become an online shop. 

Instagram stories -Links

One of the great marketing techniques by switching to an Instagram business account is, you can add links to your story. Those links will take your visitor to your website. This will help you drive more traffic to your website. By using story links, you will be able to highlight your latest products and services, and your brand will get more attention. 

Well, we have listed the benefits of switching to an Instagram business account. Now we will discuss how to switch to an Instagram business 

Following are the few steps to take

Step 1: Instagram Settings 

Open your account and go to profile, then click on the three lines at the top right corner of the profile. Go to settings and then click the account button. 

Step 2: Choose Instagram professional Account

Once you have entered the account settings, there will be a blue call to action button at the bottom. Click on the switch to a professional account. 

Step 3: Choose your type of business account

Choose which type of brand/business you will be running. This feature will help you reach the maximum audience and gain more impressions and reach. It will also schedule your content before time.

According to Instagram marketing companies, there has been a new kind of business account called Instagram creator account introduced, which is great for public figures and influencers. For brands and businesses, an Instagram business account is much better. 

This way, people will be able to choose their kind of Instagram business account. The Instagram creator account is specifically designed for influencers with profile and message flexibility. Other business account features are still available for the creator account as well.  

If you are an influencer, then go for an Instagram creator account. If not, then go for a business account.  

Step 4: Connecting Facebook

After switching to a business account, connect your Facebook page to it. Once it's connected, then you are good to go. 

If you are choosing a creator account, then you have to choose a category. Categories it will show are 

Websites & Blogs



Public figure


Choose what fits you better, and there you are, ready to go to hit your brand on Instagram. 

Now that we have discussed the advantages of an Instagram business account and how to switch to one, we hope the idea is cleared to you. If you were considering your personal account for your brand, then now you should move on to a business account and discard the idea of using a personal account. It will not only make you look bad, but you will not be able to profit from it. 

To rise high in the game of Instagram marketing, then just follow our guide. Good Luck!  

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