Request indexing feature put on hold with two new notations in Web Stories, the Google Search Console, which assists webmasters efficiently optimize the visibility of their website, is undergoing changes.

But what does it mean for the webmasters?

Google just announced that it just dropped the ‘request indexing feature.’ It is better to say that this search engine giant has put the feature on hold. The webmasters will not be able to use this URL inspection tool for a week, at least, says Google.

“We expect it will return in the coming weeks.”

As per Google’s tweet, the reason behind the feature going on ‘hold’ is due to the Google Search Console making some tweaks to its infrastructure. A smart add-on or just a minor change can only be decided once the webmasters get to reuse this indexing feature.

What can the webmasters expect from this change? They cannot use the Google Search Console to boost the visibility of the content on Google search. The good thing is that these professionals will not have to stop indexing sites through the usual methods.

This tweet from John Mueller further clarifies it, “Just for context, this does not affect normal crawling and indexing. In general, sites never need to use this feature (and most of them have never used it at all).

Several SEO agencies, marketers, and webmasters had been going through some trouble as Google has not been able to index the sites with the same efficient methodologies.

Another change that the Google Search Console is going through is in Web Stories’ and Google Discover’s feature.  With this change, the webmasters can expect to see a rise on Google Discover’s Web Story Stats for their website.

These are the changes associated with Google’s Search Console that webmasters need to look out for, while they get involved in a website’s SEO!

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